What is a Creative Arts in Worship DTS?

The vision of this Discipleship Training School (DTS) is to prepare messengers of the Gospel, helping students to cultivate a living relationship with God.  We aim to train and equip people to use their creative giftings as disciples of Jesus Christ. Our desire is for students to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to live lifestyles of creative worship. Come and experience 6 months of collaboration in a creative community, followed by a once in a lifetime experience where you’ll use your gifts to make God known in the US and overseas. If you are a musician, actor or actress, visual artist, dancer, photographer, or have experience with stage production - including lighting, sound, and set design - or simply have the desire to use your artistic expression to share Jesus with the lost, we invite you to APPLY ONLINE! Or scroll down to find out more about our creative tracks.


Lecture Phase

Our Creative Arts in Worship DTS is made up of 2 phases. The first phase, Lecture phase, is 4 months long. Each day starts off with devotions followed by class. Each week focuses on a different teaching subject. I.E. The Father Heart of God, Pride, Destiny, Evangelism, World View, Jesus, Inductive Bible study, and many more!

In the afternoon, after lunch and work duties, students separate to the different art classes. Art classes include: Music, Drama, Dance, Fine Art, Photography and Tech. Each student will have a primary class and a secondary class that they attend. Once a week everyone attends "Encounter" Production Rehearsal. Every student in the school will have a role to play in the production in accordance to their primary class (music class students will play in the band, dancers will dance, tech help run and set up the show, drama students have acting roles and so on...). The final week of lecture phase is Tech week, where every day the whole cast perfects the show. Also, held in the afternoons, is evangelism trainings and outreaches in our neighborhood.

Outreach Phase

Our CAW DTS outreach is split up into 2 major outreaches. One is touring for 5-6 weeks with the original production "Encounter". We will be touring down the East coast with a finale in Pittsburgh, PA. The second is a 3-4 week outreach internationally. We are still praying about where this part of the outreach will be held, and we will post it shortly! Our schools have seen thousands of people come to Christ on our outreach phases and this next school will be no different! We are expecting God to do great things!!


Lecture: $4200

Outreach: $3800