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Reach the Nations

The vision is to prepare messengers of the Gospel, helping students to cultivate a living relationship with God. We aim to train and equip people to use their creative gifts to reach the nations. Our desire is for students to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to live lifestyle of creative worship. Come and experience 6 months of collaboration in a creative community, followed by a once in a lifetime experience where you’ll use your gifts to make God known in the US and/or overseas. If you are a musician, actor, visual artist, dancer, photographer, or have experience with technical theatre (lighting, sound, make-up, costume and set design), or simply have the desire to use your artistic expression to share Jesus with the lost, we invite you to APPLY ONLINE! Scroll down to find out more about our creative tracks.



Dancers are movers and shakers! Dancers use their mind, body and spirit to connect with God’s spirit and communicate His love and passion. When dancers dance out their worship, darkness can't stand. 

Visual Artists

Fine Artists have discerning eyes. They are gifted to bring their imagination to life through the work of their hands. We believe artists were designed with their own purpose to create art that expresses God's glory and heart. We want our art to be worship, as well as a message to the world that Jesus is worthy of all of our lives and affections.


Actors are powerful communicators of truth. They bring light into dark spaces, as they bring to life stories that express the heart of God. We believe when an actor brings God's story to life it can penetrate hearts deeper than simply reading the story. The truth, presented in love, awakens people to receive the saving love of our God! 


Photographers captures stories. They bring forth a unique perspective of the world around us making the everyday profound. We believe Photographers can use their gift to make people’s stories come alive, and in that, bring the story of Jesus to life.

Musicians and Singers

Musicians & singers can change the world with their praise! We believe the sound brought forth through a musician and singer can be a vehicle for God's presence to change peoples hearts. Musicians, whether of voice or instrument, who are surrendered to God, can use their gifts to intercede for God’s kingdom to come and reign.

Encounter LOVE * TRUTH * HIM

The story of God as you've never seen or heard through a multifaceted artistic production involving theatre, music, dance, media and visual art. The students and staff of CAW DTS form the cast and crew of the Encounter production.

Encounter Info