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The Bible Transforms Nations

Inviting a generation to encounter the God of the Bible and take their place in His story.

The majority of Christians in our society say that they believe in the God of the Bible and that they know what He says is true, but do they know the truth for themselves or is their understanding based off of what someone tells them?  

April 6th - July 4th
Cost: $4000 Including teaching, room and board
Optional Outreach TBA

Build a Solid Foundation

The DBS was created so this generation can have access to the real truths and context of what the Bible was originally intended for. There is a revival happening in this generation that hasn't happened before. People all over are rising up saying they want to take their place in the story of Jesus. The story of Jesus is God's redemptive plan from the beginning of time. During the DBS we follow the redemptive plan and see how God longs for every tribe, nation, and tongue to declare His glory, know His character, and walk in His ways.


Rooted in the Word

We believe in discipling students to be rooted in the word by helping them encounter God. God's story from Genesis through Revelation shows His character, His heart, and His holiness. Knowing God personally changes us and empowers us to live our lives in faith for His glory. This school is an opportunity to let your life go deep in God's truth.

Empowered by the Holy Spirit

In the book of Acts, you read about the greatest revival of all time. We believe that through the power of the Holy Spirit, DBS can be a gateway to an awakening for this generation.

Evening Edition

The Discipleship Bible School also has an evening edition.  Believers from the Greater Boston Community can join us one night a week for three months to deepen their understanding of God's story through the Bible. Students are taught by the speakers in the main school and read through the Bible cover to cover during these months. This is life changing. Apply evening edition.

Discipling The Nations

We provide Spirit-filled, missions focused, transformational Biblical training which will be used during short-term mission trips to unreached people groups in various countries focused on evangelism, discipleship and training.  

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