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Love.  Truth.  Him.

The story of God as you've never seen or heard through a multifaceted artistic production involving theatre, music, dance, media and visual art.

From before Creation, He has always been and it is out of His heart of love that all we see was spoken into being. His offer to abundant and everlasting life - to intimate friendship with Himself - has stood from the foundations of the world. And His depth of love in His plans for redeeming all that is lost in our own rebellion surpasses our wildest expectation.

Encounter is an invitation to experience the Living God, Creator of the Universe, and the Pursuer of our Hearts.

Encounter communicates Jesus in such a fresh and compelling way. It tells God's story from Eden to the Resurrection and ends with an intimate time of worship. Our worship team leads the way into relationship. It is a new altar call, a new door into God's presence, a chance for people who don't know Jesus yet to experience the reality of "God with us"!

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Our Encounter team is currently on tour.  You can follow them on INSTAGRAM at @creative_arts_dts
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