Joshua Generation
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Love God, Live Free, Impact Your Genration

“The people who know their God will be strong and do exploits.”  Daniel 11:32 

Dates July 5 - 21    Outreach Locations:  Boston, Philadelphia, and NYC  
Cost: $600 plus $50  Apply  and Pay Registration Fee
Teams Fill Early!  Register SOON to save your place this summer. 

We live in an amazing time in history. Young people can make a real difference in their generation as they grow close to the Lord and embrace His purpose for their lives. They have a message to share and God will empower them to bring His Story to their friends and community.

Joshua Generation was started in 1995 to create a space for teens to know God and make Him known. This 17 day training focuses on developing an intimate relationship with the Lord that will bring healing and freedom to hearts and a sense of purpose to lives. We are all created to find our destiny in Christ and to share God's story with others. Changed lives will change others.


Our hearts are burdened for the fulfillment of the Great Commission. During JG outreach we do our best to preach the Gospel where there are open doors. We love heading to the difficult areas in cities where no one will go to and bringing the love of Christ to broken people! Last year we saw over 1600 pray to commit their lives to Christ in New York City and we are expecting great things!

During JG outreach each team will work with 2 churches over the course of 10 days. These churches invite us into their homes, they feed us and they partner with us to bring the Kingdom in their area of the city.

Being a part of Joshua Generation will bring you closer to the "Lord of the Harvest" as you experience the joy of bringing a lost son or daughter to the arms of their loving Father. Come and join us next year to become the answer to the prayer Jesus prayed in Matthew 9:38: "therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”


Seeking to Know God

We come together to meet God and get to know His ways, His heart and to be changed by His grace. Hearing God's voice and being empowered by His Holy Spirit helps us to grow deep roots in our Christian lives. Young people need to encounter the living God and to know He is ready to bring healing to their lives and purpose to their stories.  

Making Friends For Life

There is so much negative pressure for teens. Pressure to measure up, to fit in, to be accepted. Joshua Generation is a place where young people can meet like minded friends who love God and want to live all out for Him. It is a place of encouragement and acceptance. A place for a positive message and where life long friendships can be built because of God's love.

Sharing Christ

Young people can change the world as they bring God's love to their generation. They were made for more than social gatherings and entertainment. They were made to have purpose and to be able to serve others. Bringing hope to others is so fulfilling for them as they focus on what God can do in them and through them to make a difference in the lives of others. Equipping them to share their faith, and training them to defend their faith gives them a foundation to bring the Gospel.

Calling All The Messengers

Called to your neighbor or the nations, we will help you get there. Part of our focus in Joshua Generation is to raise up young people to be leaders in their schools and communities.  We encourage them to start Bible clubs in their schools, to reach out to their friends, and to be open to God's calling for their lives. 

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