Dance Track

Dancers are movers and shakers! We believe if dancers want to stop the invasion of the enemy, they dance out their worship, and the enemy is not able to stand. Dancers use their mind, body and spirit to connect with God’s spirit and communicate His love and passion.

This track will use dance as an evangelism tool while on outreach, working as a team to learn and create choreography. There will be some work in developing skills in different forms of dance, including hip-hop, contemporary, modern, ballet, and jazz. The dance track will provide an open space for the dancer to create his or her own expression of story and feeling through movement. Growing in hearing God’s voice and prophetically responding in dance is also a part of what we hope dancers will be empowered in. During DTS the dancers will learn and perform a routine in the original production of “Encounter,” which will be toured on outreach. We want our dance to be worship, as well as a message to the world that Jesus is worthy of all of our lives and affections!