Music Track

Musicians & singers can change the world with their joyful sacrifices of praise! We believe musicians can be powerful worshipers in grace and truth, ushering the presence of God into people’s hearts. Musicians, whether of voice or instrument, who are abandoned to God, can use their gifts to intercede for God’s kingdom to come and reign.

We believe musicians & singers were designed with their own purpose to create music and sound that expresses God's glory and heart. As it is God’s heart for every person to come to the knowledge of His saving love, it is our goal at this DTS that musical artists gain a heart in worship that is missional. Our desire is that after every time of worship, hearts are ready to share the gospel. Practically and spiritually the music track aims to empower musical artists to use their gifts as a witness of God’s passion and glory. During outreach, the musicians and singers will lead a time of worship at the end of the original production “Encounter,” which is performed during the whole outreach tour. We want the song of our mind and heart to be worship, as well as a message to the world that Jesus is worthy of all of our lives and affections.