Photography Track

Photographers tell stories. They use the culture of the camera to bring to remembrance the profound and the everyday moments in people’s lives. We believe Photographers can use their gift to make people’s stories come alive, and in that, bring the story of Jesus to life.

This track will work on the skills of framing, lighting, and perspective; but the main focus will be on using photography and photos in ministry and understanding God as Creator. We believe artists were designed with their own purpose to create art that expresses God's glory and heart. We want our art to be worship, as well as a message to the world that Jesus is worthy of all of our lives and affections. Because photos tell such effective stories, we want students to grow in their ability to use this craft while on outreach and throughout DTS. Partnering with the Fine Art track, at the end of the DTS we put on an art show for the community and our family and friends, where all are invited to see the work the students have done!