Visual Arts Track

Fine Artists have discerning eyes. They are gifted to bring their imagination to life through the work of their hands. We believe artists were designedwith their own purpose to create art that expresses God's glory and heart. We want our art to be worship, as well as a message to the world that Jesus is worthy of all of our lives and affections. This track will work to sharpen skills, with a focus on painting and drawing. As a student, you will explore ideas of how to use your art in ministry, create a space to express your relationship with God and others through your art, use it as a worship form in a free space, and merge with the photography track to expand your visual art. Moving in the prophetic is an area we encourage growth and freedom in, as art can capture, so well, what the Holy Spirit is doing in a moment. And at the end of the DTS we put on an art show for the community and our family and friends, where all are invited to see the work you’ve done throughout the DTS!