Our Discipleship Bible School has seen many grow deeper in God and in His word. We understand that it is not easy for everyone to take the time out of their busy schedules to attend the school so we have made it more accessible for everyone!

Discipleship Bible School Evening Edition will run once a week in the evenings so that you will have the opportunity to deepen your relationship with God and your understanding of His word!

Your eyes will be opened to the Bible like never before as you learn to read it in light of the historical context in which it was written! 

Our passion is to see Spirit and Truth operating together! Training will occur in the context of a community that produces a lifestyle of Christianity. We long to steward the presence of God among our community as we dive deep into knowledge, revelation, and understanding of God through His story in the pages of scripture! You will read through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation learning Bible study methods that will open your eyes to the often missed deep treasures of scripture while relying on the Holy Spirit to lead you to your Father’s heart!

* Read the entire Bible
* Observe the chronology of biblical events 
* Better understand each book in its historical context
* Understand the harmony between the books
* Be able to recognize the different genres of literature
* Acquire incredibly useful methods of Bible study
* Learn to present an overview of the Bible
* Be equipped to more confidently lead a small group Bible study

When? Every Wednesday // Starting April 11 // 7:00pm - 9:30pm

Graduation: July 5th (Course duration: 3 months)

WHERE? YWAM Boston// 165 Sycamore Street. Somerville

COST: $200 course+ $50 registration fee

*Registration & Course Fees are Non-Refundable


 * DTS, LTS and iNFUSION Alumni -  $ 50 off
 * Married Couples $ 50 off per person  
 * 5 or more from same church - $ 50 off per person

WHO CAN COME ? Any christian ages 18+



Contact:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
             Priscilla Ebersole-(978) 816-8084

We don't want you to miss this opportunity and encourage you to join us in this exciting 13-week journey!

Let's dive into the Bible and into God!